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Here's how to get your companies Ppgs report


Obtaining your PPGS Report is your first step towards enhanced privacy transparency with PPGS.GLOBAL by simply filling out our form – a pivotal first step to unlock the insights of our comprehensive PPGS report.


Upon form submission, you’ll get an exclusive report from KATZ.AI, featuring an overall grade and a comprehensive summary of your current privacy policy, providing clear insights into your privacy stance.

Actionable Analytics

Employ the insights from your KATZ.AI report to not only refine your privacy policy but also to elevate transparency and build unwavering trust with your users, reinforcing your commitment to their privacy and security.

What is a PPGS Report

In the digital era, where privacy and transparency are paramount, ensuring your company's privacy policy accurately reflects your practices is vital for client trust and compliance. PPGS Global offers a unique opportunity to enhance your privacy strategy with our complimentary PPGS report, conducted using KATZ.AI. This personalized report provides an in-depth grade and analysis of your company’s privacy policy, ensuring it aligns with what your company actually practices and upholds the highest standards of transparency for your clients. With our detailed assessment, you'll gain invaluable insights into areas of strength and improvement, helping you to proactively manage and optimize your privacy policy. This is more than just a report; it's a roadmap to instilling confidence in your clients and maintaining compliance with evolving privacy regulations. By embracing the insights from our comprehensive evaluation, you’re not only safeguarding your company's data privacy but also fortifying your reputation as a transparent and trustworthy entity. Don't miss this chance to validate and enhance your privacy policy with our expertly crafted PPGS report – a crucial step towards a more transparent and client-focused future.

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See how your privacy policy measures up against industry standards and best practices.


Risk Management:

Identify potential risks in your privacy practices, allowing for proactive mitigation strategies.


Client Confidence:

Strengthen client confidence by demonstrating a commitment to protecting their personal data.


Compliance Verification

Ensure your privacy policy is fully compliant with current data protection laws and regulations.


Identify Improvement Areas

Discover specific areas where your privacy policy can be improved to better protect client data


Enhanced Transparency

Gain a clear understanding of how transparent your privacy policy is, building greater trust with your clients.