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Having your privacy policy graded by the PPGS provides a clear and objective assessment of how well your policy meets industry standards for protecting user privacy.

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Grading Criteria
Transparency (Clear and Complete) Meets all criteria Meets most criteria Partially meets criteria Meets few criteria Does not meet criteria
User Control (Access, Deletion, and Changes) Provides strong user control Provides some user control Provides limited user control Provides minimal user control Does not provide user control
Third-party Sharing (Limits and Consent) Provides strong limits and consent options Provides some limits and consent options Provides limited limits and consent options Provides minimal limits and consent options Does not provide limits or consent options
Security Measures Strong security measures in place Some security measures in place Limited security measures in place Minimal security measures in place No security measures in place
Data Minimization Collects only necessary data Collects mostly necessary data Collects some unnecessary data Collects mostly unnecessary data Collects only unnecessary data
Retention Policies Short retention periods and clear policies Moderate retention periods and policies Long retention periods or unclear policies Very long retention periods or no policies No retention policies

About Us

At PPGS.Global, our mission is to make privacy policies accessible and comprehensible for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Through our grading system, we aim to encourage businesses to maintain transparency and prioritize user privacy. By doing so, we hope to foster a more secure and private online environment for all.


WE belive in transparencey in data and pricing

Write my PRIVACY Policy

Follow our simple questionaire and we will produce a comprehinive privacy policy for your company
$ 99
  • Expertise & Compliance
  • Comprehensive Questionnaire
  • Customized Policy
  • User-Friendly Language
  • Fast Turnaround

privacy policy grade and reivew

Have our team review your currnet privacy policy provide a Grade and Review
$ 2500
  • Detect Weaknesses
  • Boost Transparency
  • Reputation Protection
  • Improve Trustworthiness
  • Comprehensive Questionnaire
  • $2500 off an Audit

Audit your Procedure

Have our team audit your current privacy policy procedures using our base 27 privacy control matrix
$ 25
+ expenses
  • Identify Gaps
  • Enhance Trust
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Strengthen Security
  • Regulatory Alignment