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1: What is PPGS

2: What is Katz

1: What is NYE

4: What is VRA

5: How will we Sell VRA?

1: What is ROWE

3:1 Sorry the video 3 messed up this will show the NYE displaying the summarized Policy. 

Dear Valued Partner/Investor,

We are pleased to share with you exclusive insights into our product, PPGS. This document has been specifically prepared for your individual understanding and evaluation.

Confidentiality Reminder: This page and its contents are intended solely for the recipient to whom this link has been provided. We trust in your discretion and respectfully request that you do not share this link or any of its contents with third parties. This document is not for public dissemination and is meant to provide a private overview of PPGS.

Please note that while this document does not contain confidential information, it represents a strategic overview meant to foster a deeper understanding and potential collaboration between us. Your adherence to this request ensures the integrity of our partnership and the unique nature of the information shared.

Thank you for respecting these guidelines. We look forward to your feedback and the opportunity to further discuss the potential of PPGS with you.